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Printing Business with Growth IncomeManufacturing/Others

Printing Business with Growth Income

Business ID 1321
Price: 300,000 Excluding Stock

Easy one person operation 80% of the print job has been subcontracted. Turnover between 900,000 to 1,400,000 per year. Cost saving can be had if you are a graphic ...... more

Stationary BusinessOthers

Stationary Business

Business ID 1319
Price: 150,000 Excluding Stock

Easy to operate stationery business. services long service customer. Same owner 23 years. Close for 3 weeks during Christmas. Loyal customer based. ...... more

Cards Gifts & Homeware StoreOthers/Variety/Discount Store

Cards Gifts & Homeware Store

Business ID 1279
Price: 55,000 Excluding Stock

This 46 Years old business has showcased amazing customer service, commitment, & dedication over the years & due to retirement plans is now on market. Business ...... more