Business For Sale

GREAT LIFESTYLE BUSINESS - 26 working weekLotto Kiosk/Newsagency/TAB


Business ID 1248

Lifestyle business - Work 26 weeks in a year. This business has been owned by the same over for 30. Owners wanting to retire You will be purchasing a ...... more

Value For Money Newsagent with LotteriesNewsagency

Value For Money Newsagent with Lotteries

Business ID 1243

Easy one and a half person operation. Very well presented shop. Located in suburban shopping centre with IGA as anchor tenants. Large 127sqm shop. Can be easily improved with new ...... more



Business ID 1238

Low rent and overhead cost. Loyal customer based. Located in a free spending area. 1 Person operations. Loyal customer based. Lotto Sales of 1.5M per/A Lotteries commission of 128,000 for 2020 period Opportunity ...... more

Newsagency and Lotto outletNewsagency

Newsagency and Lotto outlet

Business ID 1232

Very well presented newsagency close to Perth CBD Recently refitted with lotterywest colours. Full point of sales systems in place 2 Lotto terminals. Located close to Woolworth supermarket. Has plenty of ...... more

Newsagency & Lotteries Opposite ColesNewsagency

Newsagency & Lotteries Opposite Coles

Business ID 1229

Easy 1 1/2 person operation. Large 111 sqm shop. Opposite Coles supermarket. Only lotto outlet in the centre Turning over 2.3 million in lotto sales. ...... more

Nicely presented NewsagencyNewsagency

Nicely presented Newsagency

Business ID 1226

Very well presented newsagency. Located in a community centric centre. Everyone know each other. Loyal customer based. Ideal for one person family business Lotto sales of approximately 2 million per ...... more

One of the best return on investment.Newsagency

One of the best return on investment.

Business ID 1225

2020 turning over 2.1 million. Lotteries turnover of $1.17M per year STRONG retail discount cigarettes. Cheap rent, and good long lease terms. Good profit for business owner. Local and loyal ...... more


Newsagency / Lotteries

Business ID 1221

Same owner 27 years. medical reason for sales of business Large 140sqm metersTobacco discounterTavern plan to expandNew redevelopment in areaLandlord will give 5 years by 5 years ...... more

Located in growing suburban estateNewsagency

Located in growing suburban estate

Business ID 1218

Located in new developing housing estate Large 100sqm shop. Brand new plant and equipment less than 4 years old. Good plant and equipment value for depreciation. Outside Woolworth shopping centre. Outstanding ...... more


Outstanding Newsagency with Lotteries

Business ID 1211

Perth CBD Locations. Has smartrider recharge terminal. Lotterywest turning over 2.5 million. Easy to operate business. Part of the Central business district under new development, which will increase sales once ...... more

All Agencys - Post Office, Newsagency, LotteriesNewsagency/Post Office

All Agencys - Post Office, Newsagency, Lotteries

Business ID 1206

Recession Proof and Essential service business. Has a Post Office / Newsagency / Lotteries. 3 Business in one location. Commission for Australia Post services approx 170,000 p/a Lotterywest ...... more

Newsagent with Lotteries and PostNewsagency/Post Office

Newsagent with Lotteries and Post

Business ID 1204

This fantastic business is located in a busy community shopping centre. Highly sought after business including Australia Post, Newsagency and Lotteries. Fully computerised Tower system. Regular and loyal customer ...... more



Business ID 1203

Strong Lotto sales Captive market Stock Sales exceed 300,000 Lotto 1.7 Millions ...... more

Only newsagent with lotto in the shopping centre.Newsagency

Only newsagent with lotto in the shopping centre.

Business ID 1202

Located in a recently build shopping centre. Has huge growth potential, with new land releases. Top quality plant and equipment used.  Inspection of this business will impress. Only lotteries ...... more

News / LotteriesNewsagency

News / Lotteries

Business ID 1199

Ideal one person operation and starter business. Computerised system Loyal customer base Good cigarettes and lotteries sales Good lease terms and cheap rent. ...... more

Newsagent and Post officePost Office/Newsagency

Newsagent and Post office

Business ID 1192

Large 120sqm shop. Very well presented, spacious shop. Long lease with good lease terms. Excellent dry cleaning and passport application. Loyal customer based. 400 PO Box with 60% lease. Opportunity to ...... more

Easy one person operation with potential upside.Newsagency

Easy one person operation with potential upside.

Business ID 1191

1 1/2 person operation Plenty of upside to this business Located in a entertainment prescient. Fully computerised. Tower system Opportunity to expand and add more products and cross sell. Note that ...... more

Great opportunity to improveNewsagency

Great opportunity to improve

Business ID 1189

Grab yourself a fully functioning newsagent located outside Coles shopping centre. Fully computerised Point of sale system. The added bonus of The Lucky Charm Franchise - Training and ...... more

300K Net Profit - Newsagency Newsagency

300K Net Profit - Newsagency

Business ID 1186

Fully Computerised Part of Tobacco station Vendors are will look at all reasonable offers. No wholesale - All retail Sales Turning over 6 million, Lottery sales of 3.35million Same owner 14 ...... more


News & Lotteries

Business ID 1180

Close to Subicao Station  Turnover 2.2Million   Same owner 19 years Allowed part time wages of $35,000 p/a  Large 161sqm shop  Point of sale system  Development of Subiaco markets for retail and ...... more

Post Office, Lotteries, NewsagencyNewsagency/Post Office

Post Office, Lotteries, Newsagency

Business ID 1175

All wanted agency - Australia Post, Newsagency, Lotteries Fully computerised system Loyal customer Free spending area 400 PO Boxed with 80% leased Well presented shop. Great husband and wife business. ...... more

News & LotteriesNewsagency

News & Lotteries

Business ID 1173

Cheap rent, Good lease terms NOR neighbourhood shopping centre Coles Supermarket Liquorland and pharmarcy Eateries inc Mcdonald, KFC, Red rooster Subway Strong loyal customer. Fully computerised with Tower system. Easy family run ...... more


Newsagency with Lotteries

Business ID 1170

Close to Woolworth Supermarket  Same over 20 years  Strong loyal customer base  Neighborhood shopping centre,  Woolworth, Post Office,news agency, jewelry, health food, bank  Large 140sqm shop, lottery sales of $2.5 million ...... more


News & Lotteries

Business ID 1162

opposite IGA supermarket Speciality shops include cafe, liquor, bakery  Same owners 20 years  Excellent family business  strong lotto sales of $1.5million  Potential to improve with gift, toys, collectable  Low rent ...... more

Neighbour News and lotteriesNewsagency

Neighbour News and lotteries

Business ID 1160

Ideal family business. Same owner for the last 18 years. Ideal business for migration purposes. Loyal customer based. Large 93sqm shop. Owners are tried and looking for retirement. Ideally suited for new ...... more

same owner 22 years.Newsagency

same owner 22 years.

Business ID 1150

You know that this is a good business when the same owner has been  running for the past 22 years Large 130sqm shop Turning over 4 million a ...... more



Business ID 1144

Large 120msq floor space Next to train station  Development of apartments Only shop selling cigarettes Next to medical centre, chemist, dentist Easy one half person bus. sell cut price cartridge, ticketek,smart rider, ...... more

Post Office/Newsagency


Business ID 1140

In heart of Fremantle  major road frontage All wanted agencies include news, lottery, lic post office cheap rental of $1747 per month owner will to give long lease excellent trading ...... more


Exceptional Newsagency with Lotteries

Business ID 1138

Very well presented newsagency. Fully computerised system. POS Solution. Large 144sqm shop. Turning over 4.2Million Strong lotteries sales. Ideal as a family run business. ...... more

Best price offer above $150,000 will be considered.Newsagency

Best price offer above $150,000 will be considered.

Business ID 1137

Best Price above $150,000 PSAV will be considered by the seller Showing a net profit of $113,000 p/a. One of the highest ROI business avaliable Large 122.2sqm shop. Free spending ...... more



Business ID 1136

Eastern suburbs  new shopping centre with Coles and speciality shops  New Housing development in surroundings retirement village opposite Cole supermarket cheap rent, excellent long 12  years lease Strong lottery sales ...... more



Business ID 1135

Major Shopping centre  New housing development  Woolworth and Big W departmental store and speciality shops lottery sales of $1.5 million  Large 133sqm shop  Same owner 20 years  Shopping centre extension potential  Adjacent to ...... more

Free spending community newsagencyNewsagency

Free spending community newsagency

Business ID 1130

Very well presented newsagency Loyal customer based Free spending area. Good sales of gifts and stationary items. Show good growth and increase turnover. Newsagency now is now the exclusive agent for ...... more


Compact Kiosk type news and lotteries

Business ID 1127

Compact kiosk type shop   Amongst eateries Heart of Leederville  Surrounding by retail shop as well as IGA supermarket  Easy run as 1 person business  6 days only  Good magazine and card ...... more


Very well presented and strong newsagency with lotteries

Business ID 1125

Very well presented newsagency with lotteries. Turning over 2,000,000+ Lots of potential growth with new subdivision happening in the area. Back to school servicing 2 schools. Strong sales of ...... more

Newsagency With LotteriesNewsagency

Newsagency With Lotteries

Business ID 1121

Turning over 4.5 Million Per year Lotto Sales of 3.7million per year Loyal customer base Good selection of gifts items and printer inks. All plant & equipment less that 4 ...... more



Business ID 1120

Subiaco Area Computerised Point of Sale System - Tower  compact shop  61 square meters  Main street   Same owner for 15 years  Loyal Customer  Base Rental reduced,  Long lease  Allowed for part time wages ...... more

Excellent Potential - Price to sell Newsagency with lotteriesNewsagency

Excellent Potential - Price to sell Newsagency with lotteries

Business ID 1114

Are you looking at purchasing an established business with potential. This has to be one of the best value business currently on the market. Good large approx 120sqm ...... more


Newsagency with lotteries

Business ID 1104

Neighborhood shopping cent re, with bakery, chemist, hardware,fitness, supermarket, laudromat  Easy husband & wife business  Gourmet supermarket  Steady loyal customer  Great gift lines, religious products  Strong sales of phone cards, dry cleaning, ...... more

Exceptional Value NewsagencyNewsagency

Exceptional Value Newsagency

Business ID 1103

Exceptionally value newsagency with immaculate book work. Strong growth business that is set to continue. Turning over 4,000,000 p/a. Strong Lotterywest sales of 2,500,000 p/a. Ranked 86 in WA Excellent ...... more


Newsagency /Lotteries

Business ID 1101

Free spending area neighborhood shopping cent re Coles and IGA supermarkets strong lottery and cigarette sales landlord will negotiate reduced rental By having sufficient stock holding , will increase sales Very keen ...... more



Business ID 1096

The Lucky Charm Karawara News New Shop/Business  In front of Supa IGA Brand new shop fit POS computer system Strong Lottery Sales of $3million Rooms to improve stock sale  Massive Potential  Medical Centre  Curtin New ...... more

Newsagency in Canning ValeNewsagency

Newsagency in Canning Vale

Business ID 1095

Large 150 sqm shop. Excellent accounts and computerised system. All training provided and part of a newsagency franchise system. Located in the Canning Vale area. Excellent net profit of $250,000 ...... more

Post Office / Newsagency / LotteriesPost Office/Newsagency

Post Office / Newsagency / Lotteries

Business ID 1094

All agency including Newsagency / Lotteries / Post Office 216 fully leased PO Boxes 2 Post Office Terminal, 1 Lotterywest Terminal. Good lease terms and rental. Located in free spending ...... more

Newsagency/Lotto Kiosk

Lotto Kiosk & Newsagency in the same shopping centre

Business ID 1093

2 Business - Lotto Kiosk and Newsagency Strong Shopping Centre - fully occupied including BIG W Growing Area with serving 5 schools for stationary and books ...... more

Post OfficePost Office/Newsagency

Post Office

Business ID 1084

Village style shopping centre established over 50 years. Western Suburb location. Long term and loyal customer base. Free spending customers. Adjacent to 2 busy cafes, pharmacy, bakery, hairdresser and travel ...... more


Newsagency & Lotteries in Boulder

Business ID 1078

Boulder Newsagency/lotto for sales Full  range of News agency products, inc gifts,  magazine, cards, stationery Ideal family business  AFL Supporter outlet  Top lottery  outlet  in Goldfields  lottery sales of $3.1 million. Rank 53   ...... more



Business ID 1065

Brand new shopping centre , only 12 months old Tenancies include Coles, Liquor Land, Subway, McDonald, chemist, surgery, eateries  newsagency/lotto est 12 months old  Brand new fittings ...... more

Post Office/Newsagency


Business ID 1063

Neighbourhood Shopping Center  Super IGA ,tavern,medical centre, health club, restaurant, hairdresser, fish/chips, beautician all desired agencies  Strong gift lines post commission $140k  Potential for Sunday trading  212 PO Boxes  Good Staff ,allowed 60k ...... more


Newsagency with Lotteries

Business ID 1062

Same Owner 8 years Strong customer base Next to IGA Supermarket and Chemist Good Landloard Easy job for someone with good custromer skills Safe complex. Potential to add more gift lines. ...... more

Snack Bars and Delis/Newsagency

Super Deli

Business ID 1053

super deli, super deli,with news/lotto Large 250sqm shop  Well Presented  Take away food,and news agency, lotto  Lotteries sales of $900,000 p/a  Cards, magazine, drinks, snacks, lotto  Loyal customer base  Very steady business  Butcher, hairdressers ...... more

Same owners 13 Years. Newsagency

Same owners 13 Years.

Business ID 1051

This newsagency is located in a highly sought after suburb. The demographics and area is changing rapidly Improvement includes subdivision, apartment complex and town centre Close to train station ...... more

Location Location LocationNewsagency

Location Location Location

Business ID 1050

This business is located opposite Coles supermarket. A mix of business and residential customers. Ample parking. Turning over of lotteries of 1.9M. Very well presented newsagency. Ideal ...... more



Business ID 1044

Warnbro area Strip Shops with Liquor Store, Super Deli  Low Rental  Strong Lotto Sales  Magazines not direct supply  1 1/2 person business  Potential to carry other range of stocks. Priced to sell,asking $90000 ...... more


Newsagency With Lotteries

Business ID 1041

Strong Lotteries sales of 3.5 million turnover per year.  Commission on lotteries of $290,000p/a  Strong Stock sales. Free spending area.  Easy to manage  Staff wage allocation of wages $50,000 p/a.  Ideal ...... more



Business ID 1040

Rental was reduced what the shop size was half from $9,200p/m to $4,200 p/m  Opposite Coles and Liquorland  Easy 1 1/2 person operations  No Sunday trading  Excellent value of $1150,000p/a ...... more

Return on investment of 75%. News, Lotteries and Post Office.
Urgent salePost Office/Newsagency

Return on investment of 75%. News, Lotteries and Post Office. Urgent sale

Business ID 1035

Very well presented shop. Has all agencys including Lotto, Newsagency, and Australia Post. Loyal customer base Good lease terms. Big sellers of HIGH margin items including stationary, cards, and cards ...... more

Very well presented and stocked Newsagency Newsagency

Very well presented and stocked Newsagency

Business ID 1033

Very well presented newsagency Directly opposite a major supermarket. Sales of 1.8 million per year. Lotteries sales of 1.3 per year. Easily managed. Ideal starter business located north of the river. ...... more



Business ID 1025

Busy shopping centre, opposite Farmer Jack Upmarket Shopper, Free spending area Western Suburbs Local Loyal customer Good annual growth 108 sqm shop 10 years lease Strong Sales in magazines, cards, and other high ...... more

Top 50 Lotto outletNewsagency

Top 50 Lotto outlet

Business ID 1023

Compact 80sqm shop Lotterywest sales of $3.2Million High sales of greeting card sales with excellent margins Loyal customer base Newspower ...... more

Post Office/Newsagency

All Agency - Newsagency & Lotteries & Post Office

Business ID 1015

Highly sought after location with all the safe and secure agency, including Australia Post, Lotteries and Newsagency lines. Strong dry cleaning outlet. Has 100 PO Boxes ...... more

Easy News & Lotteries OutletNewsagency

Easy News & Lotteries Outlet

Business ID 1014

Easy single person operations. Located in local shopping centre with IGA supermarket. Loyal customer based. Very well presented shop with opportunity to expand. Good lease terms with reasonable rent. ...... more

Newsagency & LotteriesNewsagency

Newsagency & Lotteries

Business ID 1013

Large 140sqm shop. Good strong lease terms. Growing lotto sales. Computerized system. Good sales of gifts lines. ...... more



Business ID 1012

Coffee machine / Drinks  Opposite 7 days green grocer/eateries King Kong /  specialty shops  Busy Scarborough Rd,  next to West field Innaloo shopping centre  High lotto sales  Easy one person operation Ideal ...... more

Post Office/Newsagency

Newagency/Lotteries/Post Office

Business ID 1005

Industrial Area Ranked 2nd for June 2013 600 Fully leased post offices  Growing commercial/industrial area  Low rent / long lease  Low staff content  Opportunity to put in more boxes  Post Office amount 70% ...... more

PRICE REDUCTION - Newsagency, Lotteries & Australia PostPost Office/Newsagency

PRICE REDUCTION - Newsagency, Lotteries & Australia Post

Business ID 997

This newsagency with lotteries and post office is located in a free spending area. Situated on a main street and plenty of parking on site and huge ...... more



Business ID 993

Newsagency in Perth CBD. Loyal Customer based. Large shop and very well presented. Easy to operate. Strong confectionery and drink sales. Close on Sunday and public holiday, however opportunity to open ...... more


Newsagency with lotteries

Business ID 988

Armadale areas Close to Coles Supermarket  Working class area  Free spending area  Very strong lotto sales of $2.5 million per year  New housing estate  Ideal husband & Wife business.  6 Days only  Long lease ...... more


Neigbourhood Shopping Centre Newsagency

Business ID 976

This newsagency is located off a busy street in a great local community shopping centre. Loyal customer based with plenty of passing traffic. Can be easily ...... more


Ideal starter business, Strong Lotteries Sales

Business ID 948

Looking for an easy, safe and secure business to run? This business is ideal as a husband and wife business. Strong lotteries sales of 1.47 million ...... more


Net profit $110,000 asking 215.000. Best value Newsagency in Perth

Business ID 947

Fully computerised point of sales system. Strong lotteries sales of 1.3 million p/a. Loyal customer based. Excellent onsite parking. Situated on major roadway. Great passing trade. ...... more

Owners will look at all reasonable offers!!Newsagency

Owners will look at all reasonable offers!!

Business ID 945

Business can be easily run by one person Same owners 8 yearsGreat passing tradeLoyal customer baseCheap rentEasy operationsIdeal Starter businessOwners will look at all reasonable offers!!  ...... more

Can't get a better return that this!!!!Newsagency

Can't get a better return that this!!!!

Business ID 943

A medium sized newsagency trading only 6 days a week. Agents for Western Union - One of the top performer for Western Union for 2013Ticketek - Selling concert ...... more

Lotto & News Newsagency

Lotto & News

Business ID 941

    Great location on busy main street attracting high pedestrian & vehicle flows.     Currently 6 days trading,7 day trade is an option, that will see increased ...... more

Business with growth potentialNewsagency

Business with growth potential

Business ID 940

Growth potential, as it's located in a newly created suburb.Currently turning over 3 million per year.Plant & Equipment is 4 year old and is valued at ...... more



Business ID 938

Top ranking iconic Australia Post and Newsagency.Australia only drive through Post Shop1120Leased Po Boxes (2012) 4 Australia Post Terminal. Large 305sqm ShopLocated in commercial/industrial areaGrowing area.Ideal for 2 ...... more

Easy to operate news/lotto in growing and free spending area.Newsagency

Easy to operate news/lotto in growing and free spending area.

Business ID 937

Are you looking for a business with expansion to grow and improve, than this business is definitely right for you. New owners required to bring this ...... more



Business ID 935

Are you looking for a value for money business. You can't get better than this. Excellent lease terms and rent is only $1,000 per month. Beautifully ...... more

Newsagency with ample storage. Ideal for migrants into AustraliaNewsagency

Newsagency with ample storage. Ideal for migrants into Australia

Business ID 932

This newsagency is ideal for new migrants coming to Australia.  Has ample storage, and situated just 10 mins from Perth CBD.  Located in a commercial business ...... more



Business ID 931

This business is located in a well established area with strong loyal customers. Well presented shop and easy to manage. There is opportunity to increase this ...... more

Well presented Newsagency & Postoffice & LotteriesPost Office/Newsagency

Well presented Newsagency & Postoffice & Lotteries

Business ID 919

Fully computerised system in place makes this Newsagency/Lotto/Post Office easy work. Located in neighborhood shopping centre on a large 123m2 shop. Has fully leased 344 PO ...... more


Strong Lotteries sales. Turning over 3.8 million per year

Business ID 915

Strong lotto sales of 3.2 million per year. Loyal and free spending customer base. Very well presented shop. Has always show consistent growth. Fully computerized system. ...... more

Lotteries & Newsagency & Post Office - Free Spending AreaPost Office/Newsagency

Lotteries & Newsagency & Post Office - Free Spending Area

Business ID 914

Turning over approximately 2.4 million and growing. Strong lotteries sales and loyal customer makes this one of the best business on the market, with the added ...... more


Newsagency with lotteries

Business ID 911

Strong Lotto and Cigarettes sales. Loyal Customer Base Free Spending Area Large 110m2 shop Lotto sales of approximately $1,700,000 per year Total Sales of approximately $3,000,000 per year. Growing Stationary Sales Growing area, ...... more

PRICE REDUCED - Newsagency, Lotteries, Post Office - All AgenciesPost Office/Newsagency

PRICE REDUCED - Newsagency, Lotteries, Post Office - All Agencies

Business ID 909

This business has all the blue chip agency that any business would want. Has a newsagency, post office and lotteries. Located in a community shopping centre and ...... more

Newsagency located in free spending areaNewsagency

Newsagency located in free spending area

Business ID 905

This recently refitted newsagency located in a free spending area. Has 24 specialties shop, with Super IGA. All the hardwork has been done. Potential to increase ...... more



Business ID 901

Huge Annual Profits with a turnover in excess of $ 7 million. This magnificient [To be newly refitted] shop is situated in an outstanding SOR shopping ...... more


Beautiful Lotto/News

Business ID 900

A Superb Newsagency & Lotto Business located in a very busy strip of shops north of the river. Only trades 6 days & the owners have ...... more


Accredited News/Lotterywest & LPO Franchise

Business ID 896

Great Hills Village Location est 1968 Loyal Local Client Base, Recession proof, All desired Agencies growth potential . Good Lease/Cheap Rent ensures stable profitability, few better ...... more


Accredited Newsagency Lotterywest Franchise

Business ID 883

Fantastic Local Business 1.25Hours,for Husband/Wife, Comfortable near Monopoly in small Local Centre in upper socio-economic silver tail suburb, showing steady growth, should continue to provide a ...... more

5 day only lotto/NewsNewsagency

5 day only lotto/News

Business ID 882

This very busy and profitable business, located in the heart of the CBD is only open 5 days. There is the opportunity to open this business ...... more



Business ID 880

A Monopoly Licensed Business with an excellent Lease good presentation and history of annual growth. Presently run by vendors with assistance of one permanent casual. Sunday ...... more


Superb News/Lotto Business N.O.R

Business ID 875

A beautifully presented business located north of the river in a small shopping centre. Currently operated by a single gentleman with trained casual staff. Long lease ...... more


Accredited News, Lotterywest, Licensed Post Office

Business ID 869

Prime LPO with News and Lotto, principally a Post Office 5 1/2 days in a commercial location. Recent Shop fit includes 168 Post Boxes to service ...... more


Accredited News Lotterywest Franchise

Business ID 867

New Business established in June 2008. After transferring the newsagency with Lotto from a city location since been run under management by the centre owners. It ...... more



Business ID 866

Opposite Supermarket Growth Area New Shop Fitting/Lotto Shop Fit Heaps of opportunity ...... more


Business ID 848

-size 106.4m2 -New refit completed by vendor -amongst Hilton Fresh Butcher, Cafe Hair Dresser, Shoe Repair,post office Highway frontage Strong customer flow Ideal husband/wife bus Brand new refit Vendor look at vendor finance ...... more


Business ID 846

All agency, Newsagency, lotterywest and post office. Located on a busy road, with plenty of on site parking ...... more



Business ID 820

Outstanding Opportunity to take on the Newsagency. Currently run in conjuction with the Post office. New developments into centre will see continued growth. Has excellent magazine, ...... more



Business ID 818

A well presented business with Bankwest neighbourhood bank agency. Long established location in excellent local centre, Inc Coles, Post Office, Tavern, Chemart, Butcher, Baker & Fruit ...... more


News/Lotto in expanding residential area

Business ID 816

Superb News/Lotto located in a expanding residential area. North of the river. Situated in a busy shopping complex next to a Super IGA. Recently been issued ...... more



Business ID 813

Located in a large shopping center with Coles being the major tenants. Fully computerized point of sale system. Large shop, with potential for improvement and growth. ...... more



Business ID 812

A monopoly licensed family business purchased by the Co-Op in 2006. Previous owned by (2) local families over the past 27 years. Turnover and profits continues ...... more



Business ID 803

Peels Area Opposite IGA Strong Growth 120m2 shop, fully refitted,well presented centre planning expansion Easy husband/wife bus Excellent nett profit ...... more


Shop 2, 23 Plain Street, East Perth, WA 6004

Business ID 796

Located in the Hyatt business center. Loyal customer, easy to run and manage. Good lease. Easy one person operation. ...... more


Newsagency & Lottery

Business ID 792

Option to open on Sunday - IGA is trading late on Thursday. More people coming into Belmont with increase in customers. Working people spending much on ...... more


Accredited News/Lotterywest/Internet Kiosk

Business ID 782

The sole accredited Newsagency located in East Perth. This business has been in the Vendors family since 1956. A highly profitable business with a 5x5 lease, ...... more


Business ID 778

Local loyal customers. New Development sites. News owners with great ideas can bring this business to the next level. Cheap rental, Secure Lease. Needs new owners ...... more


News/Lotto in S.O.R Strip Shop

Business ID 766

Excellent starter News/Lotto, able to be operated by a single person. Increasing turnover & potential to expand the business sales with added lines. Surrounded by commercial ...... more


Very Solid News/Lotto with a good spread of income

Business ID 755

Fabulous location situated on a very busy section of Broadway Nedlands. Adjacent to UWA and a range of cafes. Well established with a very solid client ...... more


Business ID 754

Virtually a monopoly, located on main street for Midland commuters to Perth city, opposite Train Station. Same owners 10 years.Good potential to improve this business. Good ...... more



Business ID 745

Located in a busy modern shopping centre. Newly refitted with full lotterwest colours. Located opposite IGA supermarket, and other specialty shops including a bakery, photographer, hair ...... more


News/Lotto/Book/ABC Centre

Business ID 735

Fully Computerised Strong Lotto $4 million,3 lotto terminals All agencies,independent books shop, ABC Centres, Gifts stock sales $2,000,000 Run under semimanagement Allowed $220,000 for wages Growing area, free spending one of best 272 ...... more


Business ID 721

Coffee Strip area in main busy location. Tower system fully computerized Development precedent. Opportunity promote the business further. ...... more


Newsagency & Lotto Agent

Business ID 712

Excellent well established business. Located in major roadway. Has IGA and other specialty shops. Good growth potential. Strong lottery sales. ...... more


Superb News.Lotto N.O.R. Opposite Super IGA

Business ID 699

Brilliantly situated newsagency N.O.R. in an excellent small centre. Turning over 48,000 per week. Rental is being subsidized at $1,250. Good secure lease. Fully computerized. Low ...... more


Newsagency/Lotto/Licensed Post Office

Business ID 680

Excellent opportunity to secure this shop and reap the reward. Plenty of new land releases, and located in a free spending area. Potential for PO Boxes in ...... more


News/Lotto/Post Office

Business ID 679

Excellent opportunity to buy a business which is going to be expanded and split into two separate businesses, in a new centre which is currently being ...... more


Accredited News/Lotterywest/Tobacconist

Business ID 672

Present owners of 20 years now seek retirement, consistently highly profitable business 35% ROI. Tobacco Station licensee with highly desirable conjunctional News/Lotto. Long established business with ...... more


Business ID 670

Fully Computerised, excellent presentation, Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, Hollywood Hospital, Coffee, Dome, Cafe Strip, UWA. ...... more



Business ID 668

14 Years same owner Industrial Area Cheap Rent, Secured Lease Easy Husband/Wife Operation Strong Lotto Sales currently under management, working couple will improve ...... more



Business ID 655

Tower System will be paid out ...... more



Business ID 638

Strong neighbourhood shopping centre with Super IGA Middle - upper family areas Close to Murdoch uni/school also hospital and new railway line ...... more



Business ID 635

Rockhingham Area No Public Holidays Expanding Areas Next to Large Liquor Outlet Strong Lotto Sales Same Owner 15 year ...... more


Business ID 632

This newsagency has been with the same owner for the last 25 years. Located in the vibrant Northbridge precinct, this newsagency services the surrounding offices including the ...... more



Business ID 617

Price Reduced.... 300m2 shop, fully computerized, tower system, total lotto refit. 5 1/2 days only. Excellent opportunity for new owners to fully utilized the extra space. ...... more


Business ID 607

Fully refitted shop. In tourist priciest. Potential for new owners to improve the business, to reap the capital gains. ...... more


Accredited News/Lotterywest/Bill Express

Business ID 512

Purchased by the vendor 1/11/99, who is now seeking retirement, the business has shown 15% PA growth,it is secured by a 12 year lease with an ...... more


Accredited News, Lotterywest Franchise, Bill Expre

Business ID 505

Located in a major western suburbs daily Shopping Centre, Anchor tenants Coles Supermarket, together with a good variety of specialist retail shops and a Post Office. ...... more



Business ID 483

Free spending Gifts/Toys Growth Area, Housing Development Close to Farmer Jack Supermarket owner operator will improve sales allowed $20000 as causal wage very strong lotto sales ...... more


Accredited Newsagency Lotterywest Franchise

Business ID 363

Northern beachfront location, owned by vendors since 1985,huge potential to improve, absolutely the best value on the current market at this price. 2008 net profit ...... more


Business ID 84

On major road 108 post boxes Growth area ...... more


Business ID 65

Changing demographic in area. Redevelopment area. Very STRONG lotteries sales. Cheap rent. ...... more


Business ID 23

Loyal customer base. Changing areas. Higher density. Low rent. Six day business. Fully refitted with new lotto colours. ...... more



Business ID 18

Low rent Six days business ...... more

Newsagency/Post Office

Excellent News/Lotto Business S.O.R

Business ID 14

A Superb business located in a shopping complex south of the river. Surrounded by a chemist, Liquor, IGA Express and Food outlets. This shop is ideal ...... more