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A Lucky Charm Franchise in the highest foot traffic area of Coventry Village, opposite the Spud Shed, Chemist Warehouse and new Medical Centre. The shop is fitted out with brand new fittings and fixtures with a spacious layout. Sales are in Lotto and News agency items, catering to shop owner's stationary needs as well as customers of the centre.

Perfect for a husband and wife team as it's only a 8.5 hrs day and 6 days a week. Currently high  costs due to owners interstates business obligations with limited direct involvements in operations processes.
ideal husband/wife business. Price greatly reduce for quick sales. Below replacement cost

Business ID: 1214
Business Category: Newsagency,
Status: Available
Location: North of the River
Price: $150,000 Excluding Stock
Stock: $80,000 Estimated

Turnover: $1,700,000 Per Year

Jack Teh
Jack Teh
Mobile: 0425-798-883
Office: (08) 6102-3816

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