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Quality Butcher

Butcher shop in a high traffic area.
Locate NOR and can be easily managed by 1 1/2 person.
Extensive machinery included in the purchase price
All sales are CASH over the counter.
Average weekly sales include
100KG of Chicken Schitzel
150KG of sausages
40Kg of Veal Schnitzel
Plus your usual steaks, mince mean, lamb koftas. etc

Business ID: 1157
Business Category: Others, Newsagency,
Status: Available
Location: North of the River
Price: $77,000 Excluding Stock
Stock: $5,000 Estimated

Turnover: $10,000 Per Week

Alvin Teh
Alvin Teh
Mobile: 0413-103-801
Office: 6102-3816

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